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Our services

Novatic supports you by relying on 4 essential services:


Digital strategies

Together we establish your needs and define the best strategies to achieve your business objectives.


Leadership Support

We support your leadership team in making key decisions for your business digital evolution.


Team Support

We provide support and training for your teams to optimally meet your digital needs.


Project Agility

We make sure that your projects are managed in agile mode and each step is measured by performance indicators (KPI).

Our approach

Specially designed to support small and medium-sized businesses in their digital evolution.


Assessment of the situation, the work accomplished and the financial and human resources available to prepare for the future.


Strategic plan

Based on your needs and those of your customers, we work with you to establish the best strategy to put in place for the coming years.


Operational plan

Depending on your means, we establish a plan to allow your teams to prepare and target quantifiable objectives over time.



In order to ensure the realization of the plans, we supervise the creation of the user stories, the choice of efficient suppliers and the management of the project.


Our team

Novatic advisers support you every step of the way to complete your digital projects.


Seasoned entrepreneur for 15 years in the technology sector. He is the founder of Squido Studio and of the startups ChallengeU and Didacti. Drawing on his experience, David provides coaching in operational efficiency for the senior management of several companies. He develops strategic plans that allow them to establish themselves online or help them in their digital evolution.

David Chartrand

CEO / Strategic advisor


Products and technological projects' manager for more than 15 years. Philippe ensured the delivery of several content and technology projects. His experiences as a product manager at ChallengeU and Squido give him an excellent understanding of the world of product management. He leads Novatic's digital resources in helping businesses improving their digital skills and transformation.

Philippe Cournoyer



Strategic specialist in monitoring and carrying out projects for more than 15 years. Frédéric has an excellent vision in accomplishing all tasks and managing expenses to complete a project. His creative mind is always looking for solutions. He helps companies structure their teams to solve and anticipate their problems.

Frédéric Raguenez



Talented designer of  user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI), Franck places the user and his needs at the heart of his creation process. He is aware of new market practices and rules. Curious and passionate by nature, he stays up to date  in user experience design latest trends and best practices.

Franck Lennon

Product designer


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